Espresso Machine vs Coffee Maker-Which One is Best in 2022

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People are always confused, and some also confuse coffee maker and espresso machine as a single term. When they try to buy one, they don’t know their functionalities and advantages, that is why sometimes they make wrong decisions.

If you love coffee and now want to buy a machine for home as going to a shop drinking java is too expensive, then which one best suits you. Did you ever think about this matter? This choice is not easy, as your going to buy a gadget that will work as a barista for you at your home; it must be good. Let’s take a close look at espresso machine vs coffee maker and solve this query for your better future decision.

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Espresso Machine vs Coffee Maker

Espresso machine vs coffee maker comparison

There are many differences between these two gadgets, both in design and function. But before discussing the difference, first, it is essential to know what these machines are, their pros and cons, and what products are best in each category. Let’s discuss them in detail.

What is Espresso Machine? (Amazing Guide You Need To Read)

Espresso is an Italian drink known as Caffè, loved by everyone nowadays. In the past years, people had to go to barista shops far from their homes to drink this java, but now a small home use espresso machine has eliminated all the problems. You can brew your favorite java at home with a single press of a button.

When you put fine grounds in your machine, it shoots near-boiling water through it and thus extracts a bold drink commonly known as a shot. It contains three layers;

The Heart

The bottom dark rich brown layer has a bold bitter taste.

The Body

This is the medium layer with a less bitter taste and has a caramel brown color.

The Crema

This is the uppermost golden layer with a sweet taste. The barista uses it to design cappuccinos and lattes, and most people love it.

Such gadgets use high pressure to extract bold drinks, that is why some offer 9 bar pressure which is good enough for a bold drink, but still, some people prefer 15 to 19 bar pressure gadgets, which are nothing but a blessing.

You will also get an opportunity to choose between manual, automatic, or semi-automatic. So, everyone gets according to its ease and circumstances. When it comes to Espresso machine costs, you will get Espresso machine cheap gadgets from $100 to $200 and expensive super-automatic ones from $1000 to $1500.

Espresso Machine Pros

  1. The lovers of Caffè have no other choice rather than buying this one.
  2. Looks very stylish and unique.
  3. A bold, rich flavorful shot will only be possible with this gadget.
  4. It gives an aroma and taste similar to a barista shop.
  5. It can make 50+ types of drinks by using shots with other ingredients.
  6. These gadgets are versatile. Cappuccino, latte, and americano lovers will be grateful to have it.
  7. Most of them come with a built-in grinder. So, it allows a bean to cup drinks within a few seconds.
  8. Not in everyone, but most gadgets have a built-in milk frother or steamer, perfect for making milky drinks.

Espresso Machine Cons

  1. Manual ones are a little tricky for beginners.
  2. Automatic ones need more caring.
  3. Difficult to clean if they have no self-cleaning option.
  4. The biggest con is that a perfect machine is expensive.

Best Espresso Machine (4 Best Picks)

What is Coffee Maker? (Complete Guide With Pros And Cons)

These gadgets employ a procedure where grounds are blended with hot water, extracts the aroma and flavor, and then water flows through the java into a ready cup or carafe. Commonly it is known as a drip java.

Some high-end machines ground the beans for you, but the majority of them are pretty basic. You can also adjust the strength of java by using different strength options or altering settings. Moreover, the coffee maker automatic shutoff, programmability, timer settings, and cup sizes make it a fantastic gadget. A hot plate is commonly used in java makers to keep a carafe of joe warm after making it. Its price keeps fluctuating with the lowest at $20 and the highest at $300.

Coffee Maker Pros

  1. Simple to stylish, you will get every type of them.
  2. They are perfect for black java lovers. Add other ingredients like milk, sugar, cream, or sweetener, and enjoy your simple cup of joe.
  3. They offer programmability; set a timer for automatic brewing so that your java maker will automatically brew a cup of joe in the morning right at the time when you wake up.
  4. From single cup to 24 cup java percolators are available in the market.
  5. They are budget-friendly.

Coffee Maker Cons

  1. Hot plate often burns java.
  2. You can get only simple drinks, not Caffè or specialty drinks.
  3. Not too much efficient as other gadgets.

Best Coffee Makers (Top Picks)

Espresso Machine And Coffee Maker


When filter coffee beans are roasted, these beans tend to be much lighter, which helps preserve the beans’ acidity. As the Caffè roasts are much darker and rich in flavor, they offer a bold, robust flavor. That intense flavor of java is required for mixing with milk to make a perfect latte and cappuccino.


When it comes to grinding, Caffè machines use fine grounds while other java makers use the coarse, thick ground to make a cup of joe.


Because espresso machines use a fine grind, it brews and pours within 30 seconds. You may have to allow 10 minutes of brewing time when you use a coarse grind of drip coffee.


When it comes to pressure, an espresso maker uses high pressure to force water through the grounds within only a few seconds. On the other side, coffee machines use the power of gravity that gradually pulls water through filters.


As a result of its basic operation and limited coffee maker functions, it is frequently the less expensive alternative. However, if you’re looking for a barista-quality cup of joe, you’ll need a high-quality espresso maker.

Caffeine Content

Per 225ml cup, coffee machines provide between 95mg and 165mg of caffeine. Java may be made more robust by using a darker roast or brewing it for a more extended time. Caffeine levels in espresso machines range between 375mg and 520mg per 225ml.

Which One is Better For You?

Indeed, coffee machines are not as efficient as espresso makers. Moreover, they will not offer so many functionalities like the latter one; on the other hand, they are simple and can brew limited types.

But buying a gadget totally depends upon your choices or preferences. If a person wants a cup of simple java daily, he should prefer a budget coffee maker for home use, but if your preference is espresso and related drinks with advanced options, then an espresso maker would be best for you.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Does the coffee maker make espresso?

Not really; you can’t make espresso with your java machine. On the other hand, you can make a bold cup of joe similar to it by using some changes in settings.

Is an espresso machine better than a coffee maker?

It depends upon your preferences for drinking. If you like simple java, choose the java maker, but if you want espresso or similar drinks, go for the espresso maker.

Which coffee machine do people buy the most?

Breville BES870BSXL is a machine that people mainly use. It is a bean-to-cup type, and have a built-in grinder for all type of beans, with complete control over the grinder. 

The Final Thought

I hope this comparison of espresso machine vs coffee maker will be beneficial. Although it depends upon your choice, which one is best, the factors mentioned above will help make your decision.

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