How Often Should You Replace Your Coffee Maker (9 Tips 2022)

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Do you have a java machine, but you are worried about its durability? Although it’s good quality, maybe it is better to change it for a healthy lifestyle. Because sometimes the machine looks cool, but due to continuous use for up to ten years, it is no more beneficial to use it for more time.

Moreover, you have to replace coffee maker not working properly for a more enjoyable cup of java. However, before changing the machine, it is necessary to know how often should you replace your coffee maker? Java machines are expensive, and buying them after a month or year is not a good strategy; it is more fruitful to learn about them and then decide.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Coffee Maker? (9 Main Easy Tips)

The answer to this question is neither any number nor any recommendation. It only depends upon the users’ usage or the quality of the machine. Several factors contribute to your decision to change the machine or buy a new one. Let’s discuss a few of them here.

Did you taste coffee?

 Tasting coffee

Machines can run for years if you properly maintain or clean them. But once you feel that your durable java machine is no longer healthy to make a perfect barista-style cup of java, it is time to change it. Rather if you continue to use it, it will not brew a perfect drink. Moreover, it causes health issues also.

Not Too Much Hot Water

The biggest problem that causes you to change your machine is the temperature settings. Sometimes the machine fails to heat the water enough to brew a cup of java even though it has three temperature settings.

But most people complain that their joe tastes bitter or burnt. It is only because of the overheating of the water. Too much hot water can cause your coffee to taste burnt. If your machine shows any of the defects mentioned above or you cannot change the temperature settings of your machine, hurry up to buy a new one.

Is The Machine Old Enough?

For how many years has your machine been continuously working? If your machine is old enough not to brew more cups, try changing it. Please don’t rely on the older ones; they need replacement.

Capacity Problems

Maybe a few years before, you were the only one in your family who loved coffee. But now you have a group to share coffee with. So, you have to buy a one that gives you more capacity, like 4 cups, 8 cups, or up to 12 cups.

Material Breaks

Mostly the material of java machines is glass, plastic, or metal. So, overall they are easy to break, chipped, or crack. If the heating plate, water reservoir, or pumps are no longer usable or cause leakage, immediately change your machine. If your machine’s carafe is no more workable, then it’s time for coffee maker jar replacement.

Filter Problems

For a cup of coffee that tastes bitter because of sediments in the coffee maker, it’s time to change it. Check the filter for holes or other concerns since a broken filter is one of the causes of a cup of burned coffee, among other things. You should replace the coffee maker’s filter after every cleaning.


If the chord is not appropriately covered, it will get frayed and break. You should double-check to ensure that the cable isn’t coming undone or breaking apart. Electric fluctuations or power loss might occur if the cord is not in excellent working order; otherwise, the machine will not function properly. So, immediately perform coffee maker cord replacement.


If your machine causes too much noise, it is a perfect time to buy a new one. Several reasons make the machine noisy, like maybe your machine is worn out, too old, or has defective internal parts.

Scalding Issues

If your machine heats the water too much than the temperature set by you, it is a scalding issue. You will feel that too much steam is coming out from the carafe despite the lower temperature settings you have set. To overcome this situation you have to change the heating element of your machine.

These factors tell you about the exact time to replace your java machine.

When Should I Replace My Coffee Maker?

When should I replace my coffee maker

A java maker is just a machine; it loses its power and functions with time. Sometimes, it is not the whole java machine but one of its parts that causes problems. At this stage, you can do replacement coffee maker parts. If you have an automatic one and find any problem with its part, try to replace automatic coffee maker by sending them to manufacturers. Use the warranty because expensive machines are big investments, so try to figure out a safe way.

I have discussed 9 reasons above which compel you to replace coffee maker at home. But even though your machine comes with defective parts, still some other factors cause problems.


Having a machine is good; it makes your mornings and evenings great. But what is your responsibility towards them? Despite having an expensive or cheapest best coffee machine, it utters some limit that needs to be followed.

Most people don’t pay attention to it and overuse their java makers. Rather than fulfilling the requirements like filling water, adding fine grounds, and adjusting temperature, they wake up in the morning, place a mug on the heat plate and turn it on. The overuse of your machine also damages its parts or overall the gadget.


After making the coffee, another problem is the cleaning schedule. Clean a machine after every use is highly recommended to keep it functional. But no one paid attention to it. Clean the carafe, remove any stain from the heat plate, and remove the filter are some important things to do after every use. After six months, descaling a coffee maker is necessary; otherwise, your machine will soon stop working.


If your machine shows any error, try to figure out the defective part and repair it. A little problem in the present may cause a big issue in the future. So, take your machine to some repair shop and fix the issue.

Hard water

Instead of using filtered water, a highly recommended one, people continuously use hard water or tap water. As the hard water contains higher levels of magnesium and calcium, with time, they create a mineral build-up that causes clogging in the pipes of the machine. First, it affects the taste of your joe and then causes health issues. If you have no way to get rid of hard water, try to replace your machine with the best coffee maker for hard water.  

How Long Does The Average Coffee maker Last?

If you think about the life span of a java machine, then it is different for different machines. If the quality of your machine is good, whether it is an expensive one or the best coffee maker under 200, it has a life span of 5 years minimum. But paying full attention to its cleaning and maintenance, this period can increase up to 10 years. I highly prefer to replace your coffee maker at home within 8 to 10 years when it comes to recommendations.

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How Often To Replace The Coffee Maker Filter?

How often to replace the coffee maker filte

Replacing the filter is necessary for a perfect cup of java. It is a myth that the taste of coffee depends upon your beans type. It depends upon the type and quality of water you are using.

The java machines come with a charcoal filter. It purifies your water by eliminating chlorine, calcium, and odors from the water, ensuring that every cup of coffee you make is wonderful but simultaneously needs proper maintenance. 

Most manufacturers strictly suggest replacing your filter within 60 days or after 60 cups of joe, whichever comes first. But some give more relief by allowing from one and half months to three months of using the same filter. But if you want a perfect cup of java, try to change it within two months; thus, you can enjoy your drink while keeping your body healthy. 

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why did my coffee maker stop working?

There are several reasons for this. The main is the clogging of water or any blockage. Remove the base of your machine and check the tubes. Also, keep an eye on your water reservoir, ground filter, or cords of your machine. Problems in these parts may also stop machines from working.

Is it good to change the coffee maker?

If you find a minor problem in a budget-friendly machine, try to repair it. The expensive machines with a warranty are better to replace than repair because once you open the machine, you can no longer change it by the manufacturers.

The Final Thought

After reading about How often should you replace your coffee maker, I hope all your doubts will clear now. So, you can easily change your machine when needed and keep enjoying your java throughout your life.

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