How To Make Pizza In A Microwave Oven (4 Amazing Steps 2022)

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A microwave oven is probably the most underestimated kitchen gadget. It is great for reheating food and cooking a frozen pizza. But what you might not understand is that you can also bake a pizza in your microwave oven. It’s not as challenging as it states, and it’s a great alternative if you want to cut down on your energy bill.

But before that, do you know how the microwave oven works?

The science behind the microwave is pretty simple. A microwave heats food by emitting electromagnetic waves at a frequency that causes the water molecules in the food to jiggle and produce heat. The microwave oven is a great invention that uses microwaves and radio waves to heat food quickly. It is good to get the food cooked in a very short time. It is handy and fast, doesn’t use much energy and thus helps you save on electricity.

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How To Make Pizza In A Microwave Oven?

Pizza is an absolutely scrumptious treat for any celebration. Moreover, it is a go-to meal for people around the world. The main reason behind the fact is that it doesn’t require prolonged cooking after a hectic day at work.

Normally, frozen dishes need to be thawed. The thawing process is an ultimate mood spoiler when one is hungry. But frozen pizzas don’t need such protocol and get ready to eat after spending a few minutes in the microwave.

In the below context, we’ll guide you about all the aspects related to making pizza in a microwave oven. After scrolling through the context, you won’t find time setting or reheating a pizza in the microwave tricky anymore. But first of all, let’s have a quick glance at how to make pizza in the microwave oven.

Making  Pizza In A Microwave oven (Ultimate Guideline)

  1. Prepare Pizza Base

To start from scratch, you first need some ingredients that include yeast, flour, warm water, a little bit of oil, and a bit of salt. Then you need to dough the part you need and then spread it on the baking plate.

However, you can also opt to buy the traditional pizza base available at the majority of grocery stores. A ready-made pizza dough comes chilled, normally. Let it rest for a while at room temperature and it will soon attain a suitable temperature for further process. Not to forget at this point that preparing dough at home is always a healthier option.


Decorating your pizza with toppings can be fun! The finest way to do it is to have an organized toppings station. You’ll need separate bowls for sauce, cheese, sausages, mushrooms, and different veggies. We recommend you precook sausages beforehand as they may remain uncooked due to the small baking window. Similarly, roast the vegetables as well because the moisture within the unroasted veggies may spoil the pizza crust. However, the variety of toppings totally depends upon one’s choice and preferences.

Preheating Microwave

This doesn’t take much time, so it can be done right before the toppings are put on top of the pizza base in your custom pizza maker. The recommended preheat temperature for the best pizzas is 200° C but follow instructions given by our professional pizza makers in your local pop-up.

Bake Your Pizza

After the completion of topping, all you need is to place it in a preheated microwave oven at your desired temperature. Make sure that you place the baking dish or platter right in the center. This strategy will end up in an even and thorough baking of pizza. Now let the microwave do its part and wait until the cheese starts melting. Lastly, don’t rush to eat baked pizza right after removing it from the microwave. Let it rest for 4-5 minutes on a serving dish to cherish the real flavor and essence inside.

How To Set Time On A Microwave (Helpful Information)

There is no generic solution for all timers to set the time on a microwave. The options available can vary by machine; however, this is the process for most of them: Begin by selecting a clock button from anywhere on the machine. If necessary, you will enter a MIN and SEC to complete the task. Please enter your desired amount of minutes past one or both once you’ve chosen how long you’d like to keep it in there.

To ensure that your microwave keeps track of its time even when its power source has been unplugged, be sure to press “HOLD” right after each use. This causes the timer to stop so that the current time will stay in memory until circumstances demand otherwise.

How To Reheat A Pizza In A Microwave Oven (Comprehensive Guide)

microwave Reheat pizza image

Now, one more thing here What if you want to reheat a pizza? Can you reheat your pizza? The answer is very short and simple is “Yes.”

There are two main problems when reheating pizza in the microwave. First, it can often come out soggy, and second, if you don’t let it sit for a while before microwaving, the cheese doesn’t always melt properly.

Place the pizza on the plate and put one cup of water on it; why water? The reason behind this is more microwaves are being emitted if you don’t put water in it, but adding water absorbs some of the microwaves, so the pizza heats up slower and more evenly. This also causes less water to evaporate from the crust, resulting in a crispy texture.

But how does it do it? Without a cup of water, the pizza soaks more of the microwaves being emitted, causing it to warm up fastly. This vaporizes the water particles in the pizza, compelling them to saturate the crust and make it wet. On the other hand, when a cup of water is placed in the microwave with a pizza, for example, the amount of time needed for your food to be heated is significantly reduced because there’s less that needs to be done via conventional means. This allows your food to cook more evenly and not become burnt or goopy on top.

Best Temperature To Reheat A Pizza In A Microwave Oven

An essential thing to keep is to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, place the pizza slices onto some foil before putting them into a baking tray so that they are evenly baked throughout. If you do not own a baking tray, you can use the foil to line a sheet pan and bake away!

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How To Clean The Microwave Oven After Cooking?

Microwaves are quite convenient to use, but they can accumulate dirt as time goes on. When you first buy it, the stains show up very clearly. You need to thoroughly clean your microwave at least once every two months or so – otherwise, it will get to a point where you can’t see grime anymore because it’s everywhere! With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to rid your microwave of food particles that have settled here and there.

Here are the straightforward ways to clean your microwave after cooking.

  • Clean With Vinegar

Using a microwave-safe bowl or large measuring cup, fill it with two cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar. You may want to add one drop of your favorite essential oil to lessen the smell of the vinegar. Put the receptacle in the microwave and heat it for five minutes on high to loosen any baked-on gunk that may be in there.

  • Cleaning With Window Cleaner

Take a microwave-safe bowl and spray one pump of window cleaner into it, evenly coating the inside as you would if cleaning glass with a regular bottle.

  • Cleaning With Soap

Put a splash of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of warm water and soak your sponge (or a rag) until it’s nice and soapy. Scrub the turntable over the sink, rinsing to eliminate all grime. Then run it under clean water to remove soap residue.

  • Cleaning With Lemon

A lemon has enzymes that help remove stains and lemons and act as a mild disinfectant. To use them to clean your microwave oven, place one half of a freshly cut lemon on a dish and microwave for about ten minutes on high. Once it has absorbed the microwave’s energy, work it into the corners and vents of your oven using an old dishcloth. Rub gently to remove any stubborn areas of grime. To remove any lingering odors, wipe out the inside with fresh warm water and allow to air dry completely before you put your food back!

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Can I Cook Pizza In The Microwave?

If you want to cook your pizza in the microwave, there is no need to defrost it prior as the microwave will do all the work. Take your frozen pizza out of the freezer, remove all of the packagings, place it on a microwave-safe plate or dish, and then place it in the microwave.

How Long Should Pizza Be In The Microwave?

Place the pizza on a microwave-safe plate, add a cup of water and nuke it on high for 30 seconds. The water will make the crust fluffy yet crispy at the same time as the mozzarella will melt over the entire pizza giving it that perfect touch of deliciousness.

How Do You Heat Pizza In A Convection Microwave?

To activate convection mode, please consult your microwave oven’s manual, as these settings may vary depending upon your specific model and year of manufacture. Once you have set the temperature to 200° C, close the door and set the timer for 20 minutes. Once it’s done cooking, turn on your oven/microwave and remove the pizza

The Final Thought

So, How to make pizza in a microwave oven is no more rocket science now. After reading the context above, we know that you can make the most of your favorite comfort foods with the help of a microwave oven. Whether you own the best microwave oven under 300 or some cheaper model, making pizza has become quite easy peasy. So what are you waiting for? Buy your favorite model and excite yourself with the amazing experience of making pizza in the microwave.
We also have included a comprehensive guide about reheating pizza in the microwave oven and a helpful tutorial on setting the timer on your microwave oven.

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