How To Microwave Popcorn Without Burning (Best Users Guide)

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Making popcorn at home is now a by-hand experience for everyone. But it may cause some issues while not paying attention to time, Power/Heat setting, and out of mind to your result in burning popcorn. Every age doesn’t like burnt popcorn taste in the mouth which will be the most painful experience. Firstly, to get the best and fully cooked kernels, learn to microwave popcorn without burning them.

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How To Microwave Popcorn Without Burning?

Some are the difficulties like how much oil has to use while cooking? What was the exact time of popping? Which power button will use? And every time you pop them, how to avoid burning them? All of these questions will be in your mind and need step-by-step guidelines.

Below are the best ways to microwave popcorn without burning the kernels;

Read the following steps and cook microwave popcorn according to that.

  1. Check the expiry date on the popcorn bag.
  2. Read the article back to the popcorn packet and note the best microwave toaster oven combo for making popcorn.
  3. Using a random microwave popcorn, then go to the below microwave popcorn instructions; 
  4. First of all, check if popcorn is in the kitchen for an extended time, then you need to moisturize them before popping them.

Moisturizing Microwave Popcorn Bag

About moistening the kernels, a popcorn bag contains humidify, say microwave popcorn butter, which helps get fresh and crunchy taste corn. Other than this, use natural ways to dampen the kernels like placing popcorn packets into the freezer for up to 30 minutes/OR placing a cup of water in the microwave; warm up the water, it will help the microenvironment to get enough moisture. Place popcorn bag and pop it.

  1. Set the popcorn setting on the microwave; some microwave companies provide popcorn buttons on the microwave. But not all the time you can get without burnt microwave popcornManually set the power. In some cases, it will be medium and can be high also. In a high-power setting, Give 2 minutes, hear many sounds popping to the last second, turn on 30-50 seconds more time microwave so that cannot remain half-cooked kernels. Microwave popcorn time varies from pack to pack. Keep in mind the popping popcorn sound.
  2. After setting power and time, place the kernels bag in the microwave.
  3. Try to avoid leaving the place while popping.
  4. When you hear popping up, the grains sound 2-3 left, close the button. That is the perfect way to make popcorn in the microwave in an easy way.

Follow the above lines, and you will get perfect and well-cooked microwave popcorn in just 2-4 minutes.

How Long To Put Popcorn In The Microwave (Easy Users Guide)

A raising question is how long to place popcorn in the microwave to give quality corn. If you search for that, you will find the different times on different sites. The best solution is to read the guidelines back to the packet and check the online articles of that microwave popcorn brand. If you don’t know what to do, read the below lines.

Time Of Popcorn

Generally, according to micro popcorn instructions will take 2-4 minutes. Sometimes, it will be just two and a half minutes. So you are sure about how much time kernels pop. In my opinion and experience, the best microwave popcorn time will be when you hear the sound of popping grains after 2 to 3 seconds and pop only 1 or 2 kernels. Stop microwave time OR turn off the switch; otherwise, the result of get a burnt popcorn smell.

When Does Microwave Popcorn Expire (Amazing Guide)

The first thought that came to mind was how long we could use expired microwave popcorn. Keep in mind that try to avoid eating expiry date popcorn. If you run out of popcorn and get an expiry bag, use it within 6-12 months. Health-conscious use microwave popcorn bags only after two months of the expiry date. After two months, the popcorn bag needs to moisturize as kernels dry, resulting in not popping the corns.  

If you feel its smell is not like what they have, waste a microwave popcorn bag. Try to avoid eating popcorn if it tastes like plastic/Rubber, is soft, or doesn’t have a crunchy taste after the expiration date of microwave popcorn.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Can Microwave Popcorn Cook On The Stove?

Microwave popcorn can also cook on the stove by following the below steps.

Get a deep pot/pan, oil, a lid to cover the pot, and a serving bowl.
First of all, maintain the flame on the stove; it may be medium OR high.
Put the bowl on the stove and add 1-2 tablespoons of oil.
Open the microwave popcorn bag and add kernels to the pan.
Shake/stir them well in the oil, cover the pan with a lid.
Wait for 2-3 minutes; when you hear the sound of 1 or 2 kernels popping after 2-3 seconds, turn off the flame button.
Pour out the cooking popcorn in the serving pan and eat while hot.

Will Microwave Popcorn Make You Fat?

You are more conscious about your health while eating microwave popcorn. Popcorn has lightweight, and you can eat them casually anytime and anywhere. The main point is also that you can eat popcorn in public places; the answer will be total no. You go out for an outing, watch a movie, or play around and get artificial/ready-made popcorn that contains high calories. You can get fat from that kind of popcorn and face some diseases.

Home-cooked popcorn has fewer calories; in that way, you are eating healthy microwave popcorn calories, which are suitable for your health and helps in losing weight. By one research, 15/CAL is equal to 150/Cal of potato chips which is why you always feel full when eating corn.

Why Is My Microwave Popcorn Not Popping?

Sometimes, when you pop the kernels in the microwave and only get a few of them are popping while some remain half-pop. There are many reasons for not getting complete popping microwave popcorn.
It may expire for a long time, and without any notice on how to use long-time popcorn and you microwave them will result in getting just a few popping kernels.
Kitchen placing long period popcorn and moist in corn bag result in dry grains so when you try to heat them it will not cook.
May be power setting OR time set is below the popping time. That is why it takes time, and you consider microwave corns not popping.

Is It Ok To Eat Microwave Popcorn Every Day?

In research, eating popcorn is a portion of healthy food suitable for heart and cancer disease. Making whole grain will get in losing weight. So you can eat daily, but remember a limit to eating microwave popcorn as popcorn bags contain some chemicals.

The Final Thought

In the end, the result is that you need to be careful when popping popcorn. Carefully reading instructions of time and power will help the kernels not burn. This article is about How to microwave popcorn without burning the grains. Finally, I always prefer home-cooked microwave popcorn as you can rest assured of its safe ingredients.

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