What Can You Make With An Espresso Machine (Complete Guide)

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One billion people from all over the world drink coffee in a day. We estimated that ¾ of this population is a coffee aficionado, and the rest will drink it to stay awake at night or drink it with a companion. No one can say that everyone drinks a regular cup of coffee; instead, espresso is also loved by a majority group of people. For Example, 150 million Americans, that is, 50% of the total population, drink espresso or its type. Most of them buy an espresso machine to just make the availability of coffee right in front of them.

What can you make with an espresso machine? The answer to the question is you can make a wide range of drinks with your espresso machine. Apart from espresso, it can help you prepare espresso romano, doppio, cappuccino, and cafe latte. In addition, this versatile gadget is pro in making espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, and mocha.

So, if you are also searching for the same one, this article is specifically for all coffee lovers like you.

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What Can You Make With An Espresso Machine?

Buying a coffee maker that makes a huge range of coffee for all types of coffee addicts is a great decision. Many people think using an espresso machine for beginners is difficult, but in reality, such automatic machines will make you a barista with just a few days of practice. Let’s discuss what drinks you will brew to make your and your companions’ day more amazing by using such machines.


Such machines are specially designed for making espresso. So, it forces boiling water under 9–10 bars of pressure through your finely-ground coffee beans to make a delicious cup of java.


It is just a combination of hot water and espresso shots. Its taste is not similar to the traditionally brewed coffee; rather, it depends upon the ratio of both ingredients.

Espresso Romano

If you love lemon and want to taste it with coffee, you should drink espresso romano, a combination of lemon juice or slice, and a spoonful of sugar with an espresso shot.


Espresso and steamed milk foam, sometimes with cream together, serve you a delicious cappuccino. It is especially for those who love milk coffee drinks.

CAFÉ Latte

You can use your office espresso machine, pull a shot of espresso and add steamed milk into it, and make your noon a wonderful one with a cafe latte.  


This Italian drink comprises espresso and a small amount of milk, mostly foamed. It is one of the most delicious ones and my personal favorite.


It is a variant of a coffee latte and a chocolate-flavored warm beverage usually served in a glass to make your day more amazing.


It is a highly concentrated espresso, not similar to normal coffee, which is weak and diluted. All those who love concentrated drinks should give a chance to ristretto.

How To Make Good Coffee With Espresso Machine? (Step By Step Guide)

Making Coffee with espresso machine

If you want to drink a barista-style coffee at home, you can enjoy it by brewing it with your hands. Not really means to make it with your hands, but using an amazing gadget. Some simple steps will help you become a barista who makes perfect coffee in no time.

  • First, clean your portafilter with some clean cloth.
  • Fill the portafilter with ground coffee but not too much. For more perfection, check your dose on a scale before going further.
  • Use your hand to distribute grounds in the portafilter rather than in a mountain or pyramid shape.
  • Use a tamper to tamp the coffee grounds in the portafilter. This step is the most important one.
  • Make sure you clean the group head before attaching the portafilter.
  • Insert portafilter and set the settings.
  • Start the brewing process.
  • After a few seconds, you will see your delicious espresso shot poured into your cup.
  • Use the steamer or frother to froth milk if you want a milk drink.
  • Gently add the frothed milk into your coffee and take the first sip to savor.

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Can You Make Cappuccino With an Espresso Machine? (Perfect Guide)

Espresso machines bring magic to home for coffee fans who love making and drinking complex drinks like espresso and cappuccino. There are many brands, and each has a number of such coffee makers. Regardless of ingredients and recipe, you have to understand your coffee maker’s demands and how it operates. So, read out your espresso machine instructions for better working.

To make a delicious cup of cappuccino, you have to make the first ingredient, an espresso shot. Take out your gadget and let the espresso machine automatic system brew espresso shots for you. Once done, go to steam or froth milk. If your coffee maker comes with a steamer or frother, it will be great; otherwise, froth it in a separate frother. 

Then pour the steamed and frothed milk into your espresso. Let’s gently pour the foam from a low height, wriggling the milk jug. Once you’ve reached the froth, tip the jug even further, and you’re ready to drink your cappuccino.

Things You Can Make With an Espresso Machine

Espresso machine

Although I have already discussed 10 drinks that your best espresso machines under $1000 will make and bring a lot of enjoyment to your life, some more drinks are still lined up to discuss. So, I am going to discuss a few more espresso drinks for all coffee aficionados.

  1. Espresso Con Panna:
    Espresso Con Panna is an Italian coffee type known as espresso with cream in simple English. It is a single or double shot of espresso with a whipped cream dollop at its top.
  2. Iced Latte:
    Use your best nespresso machine for latte to make espresso; add milk and optional sweetener to serve yourself with an iced latte.
  3. Iced Espresso:
    Like iced coffee, you can make Iced Espresso by adding ice to it, mostly with milk. Maybe you have tasted it with a name: iced shaken espresso by Starbucks.
  4. Iced Americano:
    Use your best espresso machine under $300 to extract coffee; add ice and chilled water to it to make iced americano.
  5. Iced Cappuccino:
    Fill your day with joy by mixing espresso, milk with ice and optional sweetener to make iced cappuccino.
  6. Iced Mocha:
    Just mix espresso, ice, mocha sauce, and milk to enjoy iced mocha.
  7. Red Eye Coffee:
    Use your best cappuccino maker under $200 to make one or two shots of espresso. Add drip coffee from the drip java machine to it and enjoy your Red Eye Coffee at night.
  8. Dirty Chai Latte:
    To make this kind of java, add a shot of espresso in a chai latte, a traditional masala chai having a milky spiced tea with frothy steamed milk.
  9. Whipped Espresso:
    You can enjoy this drink simply by using an espresso shot in dalgona coffee rather than simple java.
  10. Bone Dry Cappuccino:
    This cup of java has no steamed milk; instead, just a foam of froth milk and a shot of espresso.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Can An Espresso Machine Explode?

Yes, it has the potential to explode if the pressure rises too high without being vented and it collapses catastrophically. Moreover, if the pressure release valve and steam boiler regulator both fail at the same time, it causes an espresso machine explosion.

Do You Need Filters for Espresso Machine?

While making coffee in a home espresso machine, you need clean, filtered water that does not have too much or too little mineral content. Some people buy a separate small water filter plant for their coffee maker. But most machines already have a built-in. espresso machine filter. Some people use paper filters in the espresso basket to make some difference in taste.

Is it ok To Use a Regular Coffee Espresso Machine?

Yes, you can, but the resulting beverage may taste sour, nasty, or acidic. Instead of it, use dark roasts as they create a more flavorful espresso with a thick crema.

What Can’t You Do With an Espresso Machine?

If you want a regular cup of coffee, you can’t make it with this machine, except if you have a dual-purpose machine that can serve you espresso and coffee.

The Final Thought

Now you know what can you make with an espresso machine. Having one gadget in the kitchen that serves you more than 30 drinks is nothing but a blessing. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one and just instruct it to make some delicious cup of java.

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