Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive (Amazing Advice 2022)

Why are espresso machines so expensive
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Are you an espresso aficionado? Do you want to drink it again and again like me? So my experience is going to be very useful for you. The hardest and most painful thing for me is to go to the cafe again and again and drink my favorite coffee. Because circumstances sometimes do not allow you to do so, what to do? Give up your favorite coffee? No way. It is unnecessary because you can now enjoy this drink at home but at a high cost.

Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive the short answer is the usage of costly materials while manufacturing them. Moreover, this useful appliance features a pressure stat and boiler as its basic components which are quite expensive. Most importantly, if you love to avail extra features like digital display or advanced water temperature adjustments control, then obviously you’ll have to pay more.

Making a cafe-style perfect cup of coffee to enjoy for a longer period is no more a problem now. Let’s check this article to know what great features lie in the most expensive espresso machine.

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Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive (6 Easy Steps)

expensive espresso machine

Parts and Their Materials:

Do you have an espresso coffee machine at home or a commercial espresso machine, or have you seen it somewhere? If yes, you will know that this machine is very different from others in appearance. All its parts and design are different and good from the cheap makers. These parts make these espresso makers costly.

High Temperature and Pressure

For making high-standard coffee, high temperature and pressure are needed. It’s a game of a few seconds. A single mistake in it will lead to poor results. High-quality boilers and pressure stat are made to maintain such temperature and pressure, costing the manufacturers a high amount.

Steamer or Frother                     

Moreover, the steamer or frother is another addition to this. Although their function is small, only heating, steaming, and frothing milk, adding them into a coffee maker and making them function properly is a difficult task.

Remaining Parts

Furthermore, several additional functions like a grinder, a thermoblock or thermocoil, several portafilters, and a steam wand. Stainless steel or brushed chrome on the outer side of the espresso maker increases its cost. So, the fact remains that the more parts an espresso maker has, the more expensive it will be because these parts enable it to perform different tasks simultaneously.

More Durable

Is it okay to buy a cheap coffee maker that lasts only a few months instead of getting a machine that has been making your favorite coffee for years? Surely your tendency will be towards durability. And that’s why manufacturers try to make machines last longer while maintaining high standards.

To do this, they need good materials as well as proper strategy. The best experts do this so you can enjoy a cafe-like espresso at home. And while doing all of these things, it’s common for prices to go up.

If they cost you more, they are durable and reliable. Thus Buy the best espresso machine under 1000 so, you can enjoy your perfect coffee at home for years, without any need to buy a new coffee maker every year.

Digital Display

Whether the espresso machine is more expensive or not, it contains several features. One of the features is the digital display. Some have a backlit digital display, easy to understand and readable.

This display offers useful functions like

  • delay before infusion
  • shot timers
  • on/off programming
  • water temperature adjustment
  • cleaning programs
  • filter placement tips
  • equipment diagnostics

Do Expensive Espresso Machines Make Better Coffee (You Need To Know)

Espresso Coffee

To know its answer, first, you have to understand what makes your espresso a perfect one.

The first thing to notice is the grinding of beans. Buy the best seeds but don’t grind them well, so what’s the benefit? So, if your home espresso machine has a built-in grinder to make fine coffee powder, then it will be great.

The second point is the water temperature adjustments. Having a cheap espresso maker that does not properly heat water badly affects the taste of your drink. To get the best cup, the water temperature must be between 91°C (196°F) and 96°C (205°F). The costly macchinetta will offer you the exact temperature for the boiling and heating of water for your perfect drink.

In addition, these machines offer you control of the temperature, so for any coffee, you can manually change the temperature and brew coffee of your choice.

The third point is for more options. Do you want espresso at once, but try to add milk later so you can get a latte or cappuccino. Then you will surely need a frother or steamer. Buying a different one or separately doing frothing is a little hassle for you. How nice, if you get these two facilities together.

Try to get a high quality espresso machine that comes with a steamer or built-in frother. As the two portions, the brew side and froth side separately functions while providing perfect temperatures.

So, all these steps contribute to making the best and perfect cup of espresso. Hence, if you buy an expensive espresso machine, it will make a better coffee instead of a cheap appliance.

Which Espresso Machine Brand is Best (For Amazing Espresso)

The market is full of brands that offer great appliances with many features, a perfect solution to any of your drinking problems. The top 10 espresso machine brands are

The best brands are Bunn and Breville. Prices increase from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic ones. Semi-automatic Breville Infuser under $600 is the best budget friendly espresso machine.

Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Espresso Machine?

Going to the cafe every day to drink a cup of coffee doesn’t seem like a wise decision in any case. Cafes and hotels charge a lot of money for this. Plus, getting there and coming back home is a tiring process. It’s best to keep an espresso maker at home to avoid these troubles.

These long-lasting appliances also provide you with the facility to make your favourite drink. Although espresso machine too expensive, they still provide a chance to make a good range of drinks. You can make tea and hot chocolate in it, plus you will get an opportunity to make 8 to 10 different coffees through a single appliance. Moreover, it will help you to make iced latte and cappuccino.

So, there is no need to worry about serving your guests as they have different choices of drinks. Just use your fancy espresso machine and keep all of them happy simultaneously.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why are expensive coffee machines better?

Use the same ingredients in a cheap and expensive coffee machine; if you notice a difference in taste, you will surely reach your answer. Good quality always demands more money. Following are the reasons behind it:

The required optimal brew temperature is 203 °F, just below the water boiling point of 212 °F. Cheap machines do not give you the desired temperature, or in some cases, it overheats the water, which gives a burning taste to the coffee.

The expensive one has a larger brew head that evenly showers the ground coffee. Thus, it causes better extraction that gives better flavor.

Such machines work on the mechanism used by baristas while making a drink. That is bloom & pulse. The former degasses the CO2 in the coffee, and the latter adds layers of flavor.

How much should I spend on an espresso machine?

For home use, the market has several options. It ranges from $100 to $6000.Under $100, machines are not so good. $1200is the average price of them. The manual and affordable espresso machines with good quality ranges from $400 to $600. Moreover, the cost of good automatic espresso machines will be more than $800. 

What’s the difference between cheap and expensive espresso machine?

If you read more detail, you will find the difference between cheap and most expensive machines.

Having more parts makes Espresso machines costly. Their material is sure of good quality compared to under $50 machines.

Such machines have 9-15 bars to build pressure to brew coffee. Better performance with high pressure needs much care, good material, higher build quality, and some engineering solutions. All this can add cost to it.

Similarly, compared to cheap espresso machines, the costly one has better temperature options and a durable design.

Final Thought

Now you are clear in your mind why are espresso machines so expensive? Providing a lot of facilities, flexibility, easiness and great quality and taste, they are worth buying. They will prove the best companions in your journey from a beginner to a professional barista.

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